Search Campaigns

  • Create your search ad. Building your first search ad can take just a few minutes. Start by writing an ad that tells people what you offer.
  • Locate your customers with keywords. Next, choose the keywords that potential customers might search for on Anything like online offline to find your business.
  • Set your search ads budget. Set a daily budget, and your ad is ready to go live.
  • Display ads
  • Pick a format and create your ad. Whether you’re making simple text ads or using images, with the ad gallery included in your account, it can take only minutes.
  • Decide where your ads will run. Display ads allow you to create highly targeted campaigns based on what you know about your customers, such as interests or demographics.
  • Set your budget. Decide how much you want to spend to reach your target audience, and start showing your ads to the people who will be most receptive.
  • video ads
  • Get your ad live. Once you create a video, you just need to set up a Adssan account and upload it. Then you can use Adssan to start your campaign on YouTube facbook any online platform. Your video will appear before or next to related videos or in search results.
  • Choose where your ad will appear. Whether you’re targeting sports fans, music lovers, or anyone else, you can choose your audience based on age, gender, location, interests, and more.
  • Decide how much you want to spend. Set your budget and use YouTube’s Analytics tool to see what’s working.
  • Set up your ad in minutes
  • Customize your ad. Search for your Android or iOS app to see a custom ad preview using information pulled from the App Store or Play Store. Then, customize the text. You can also upload images and videos of your app.
  • Choose your budget. Decide how much you’re willing to spend for each install (cost per install, or CPI) and set your daily budget.
  • Let us do the hard work. Launch your ad and get back to business. Adssan will automatically show it across Google Search, Play, YouTube, Gmail and more. Your ads, bids, and targeting are continually refined to deliver high-quality installs—all within your target CPI.